I am researching two main families: the Hutchins family of North Carolina and the Muermann family of Minnesota/Wisconsin, as well as other families that branch out from these.
  • The Hutchins were in Wake County, Swain County and Rutherford County in North Carolina, and right now the trail ends in Augusta Co., Virginia. Associated families include the Harwards, Bryans and Lloyds of Chatham County, N.C.; Claude Smith and George Smith of Johnston County, N.C.; and the Pittmans, Watkins and Browns of Chatham Co., N.C.
I have spent the most time following the Hutchins line on this side.
  • On the Muermann side, many of the ancestors were recent immigrants or lived in several different states. The Muermanns were in Barron Co., WI, and Germany/Prussia. Associated families include the Fenskes of Nebraska and Germany; Caroline Brecht of Canada; the Peltzers of Nebraska and South Dakota; the Burdicks of Iowa; the Hancocks of Monroe County, WI; the Gregarsons of Wisconsin and Norway; Caroline Quale of Wisconsin and Norway; and the Burdicks and Simpsons of Nebraska.
I have the most information on the Muermanns, especially Frederic William Henry Muermann, who emigrated to the U.S. in 1879. Family legend says all other Muermanns in the country are descended from him. I have not yet proved that to be true, however.